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Cultures & Enzymes

Protective food cultures offer a safe solution – naturally!


New strategy for sustainability

Better farming, less waste and good health. These are the cornerstones of the new Sustainability Strategy for 2020, which puts Chr. Hansen at the forefront of sustainable business.

7th best value creator

We are super proud to be ranked no. 7 in our industry in Boston Consulting Group’s annual list of the world’s most value creating companies. Read more about BCG 2016 Value Creators Ranking

Revenue & organic growth by segment: Food Cultures & Enzymes delivered organic growth of 13%, supported by very strong growth in bioprotective cultures across cheese, fermented milk and meat. Health & Nutrition realized 2% organic growth due to volume/mix effects, where Human health experienced strong growth, while animal health was below the first nine months last year. Natural Colors delivered 20% organic growth due to strong growth in most of its target industries.


Financial highlights

CFO Soeren Westh Lonning takes you through the most important financial highlights of Q3 2015/16

Did you know ...

... that on a daily basis more than 1.2 billion people across the globe consume a product containing Chr. Hansen ingredients?

Cultures & Enzymes

Wine culture helped remove sulphites from red wine

The first organic red wine in Bulgaria is a fact – thanks to our innovative Viniflora® NoVa™ wine culture

Revenue & organic growth by region: North America realized 8% organic growth from primarily human health, natural colors, cheese and meat. In Latin America organic growth was 22% owing to strong growth across most product segments, while Europe, Middle East & Africa delivered 10% organic growth driven by natural colors and cultures for fermented milk, cheese and meat. Asia Pacific saw 21% organic growth delivered by fermented milk including probiotics, natural colors and cheese.

More corn – less chemicals!

In line with UN Sustainable Development Goals we are committed to support ‘better farming’.
Our alliance with FMC has launched its first product containing Bacillus to increase corn yield and plant robustness. The product is already getting much positive feedback from growers for the value it provides.


Continued strong growth

Check out our Q3/YTD results

Cultures & Enzymes

New solution caters to the lactose-free segment

NOLA® Fit breaks down lactose to glucose and galactose, which additionally results in a naturally sweeter yogurt



Natural Colors

Natural Colors thrives on its own

Double digit growth on both top and bottom line since NCD became a stand-alone business last year


Financial highlights

Watch CFO Soeren Westh Lonning elaborate on the most important key figures of Q2

Cultures & Enzymes

Another wine innovation award

For the second time in just 18 months, Chr. Hansen has received a prestigious wine innovation award

Revenue & organic growth by segment: Food Cultures & Enzymes delivered organic growth of 13%, primarily due to strong growth in fermented milk, cheese and meat. Health & Nutrition recorded organic growth of 2%. Human health realized strong growth, while revenue from animal health is still impacted by a major customer’s decision to insource the production of silage inoculants (Q3 2014/15). Natural Colors skyrocketed with 22% organic growth, driven by dairy & fruit preparations, confectionery & ice cream and prepared foods.

Health & Nutrition

Integration of NPC in full swing

Working hard to realize the many synergy opportunities


Organizational evolution to sustain Nature's No. 1

Cultures & Enzymes

Selling innovation takes time

First mover-dairies are now launching reduced salt cheese with our SaltLite®


"I'm on a personal mission!"

Meet Nakul, one of our 2,600 employees


Explore the encouraging Q2 results

Revenue & organic growth by region: Americas contributed organic growth of 12% driven by human health, natural colors, cheese, enzymes and meat cultures. EMEA delivered organic growth of 10% owing to strong growth in natural colors, fermented milk, cheese and animal health, whereas APAC saw 25% organic growth, driven by exceptionally strong growth in China for fermented milk and natural colors.